Design Criteria
  Structural Tree Soil
  Amended Native Soil
Plans & Details
Monitoring & Lessons Learned
Cost Considerations
Additional Resources
Additional Resources
Our work certainly didn't occur in a vaccum. We relied on a lot of great past research on trees in the urban fabric. We gratefully acknowledge this work here.

Trees and Structural Soils: A New Stormwater Management Practice for Sustainable Urban Sites
A comprehensive manual developed at 3 universities on creative best management practices that harness the ability of vegetation and soils to mitigate urban runoff.

Olympia Washington Structural Soil Demonstration Project
Includes budget information, structural soil mixing instructions.

Cornell University Structural Soil: An Update after More than a decade of Use in the Urban Environment
Structural soil was developed at Cornell University to safely bear pavement loads after compaction and still allow root penetration and vigorous tree growth.

Using Porous Asphalt and CU-Structural Soil
15-page booklet details how the combination of porous asphalt and CU-Structural Soil® reduces runoff and improves water quality

Engineered soil, trees and stormwater runoff: the UC Davis parking lot project
Project used structural soils with a locally available lava rock.

Tree Space Design
Casey Trees convened a panel of experts to develop design recommendations that would provide street trees with adequate soil volume while maintaining sufficient space for pedestrian circulation.

Trees, Parking and Green Law: Strategies for Sustainability
Science, policy and law to reduce environmental impacts of parking lots.

Rainfall interception by Santa Monica’s municipal urban forest
This study uses computer simulation to quantify rainfall interception by public trees in Santa Monica, California

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