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For this first demonstration, we have two sites located in the Tualatin River Basin.
Project Summaries

Both sites had heavy clay soils and are busily used public parking lots.

Tualatin Hills Parks & Recreation District (THPRD) Redevelopment

The THPRD site was a complete redevelopment. At the point that we presented our idea to incorporate trees into parking lots, a plan was already underway to remove all the existing asphalt in the parking lot and replace it with pervious concrete. We added our Parking Forest as an overlay onto the project, adding 15 trees to the new parking lot.

Portland Community College (PCC) Retrofit

The site at PCC was an existing conventional asphalt parking lot, but most of it was left in place. Only a small 12' wide by 34' long piece of pavement was disturbed and 8' of that width of pavement was replaced to ensure that the final parking stall would be adequate.


Tualatin Hills Parks & Recreation District (THPRD)
Sunset Swim Center
13707 NW Science Park Dr
Portland, OR
Map and directions to the installed BMPs

Portland Community College (PCC)
Sylvania Campus Lot 10
12000 SW 49th Avenue
Portland, OR 97219
Map and directions to the installed BMP

While the postal addresses seem to indicate that these are both located within the jurisdiction of Portland, the THPRD site is actually under the jurisdiction of the City of Beaverton and Clean Water Services. Please contact us if you'd like more information about permitting on these projects.

Thanks to the Tualatin River Watershed Council for use of their maps as our base map! Click on the map above to see the projects in the context of the entire Tualatin River watershed.

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